Where we began

REMEMBER OUR HEROES (ROH) began as a grassroots organization of concerned Lubbock and West Texas area citizens who have a passion for helping our disabled/dysfunctional military veterans and their families. As our mission has grown, so have we; operating out of Houston and Lubbock we can now cover all of Texas, even reaching outside of Texas when the need arises. We have many veterans in our community, and the magnitude and severity of the life-altering issues and struggles they face are now just beginning to surface. The most focused of these issues for Remember Our Heroes is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and treating TBI in our local veteran population. We also handle special needs with veterans, such as purchasing the necessary equipment for handicapable veterans and mission specific items to help veterans in their transition process. 

OUR MIssion





To facilitate and aid in treatment of TBI in Veterans.

To collaborate whenever possible with similar organizations and those that provide direct support and services to build awareness of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cultural difficulties many veterans encounter upon their return to civilian life.

To take a lead role in our community to build awareness of the national tragedy of military suicide and at the same time provide assistance to the existing local resources that are intervening to prevent such tragic self-inflicted death.   

To honor our veterans, Gold Star families and first responders in an attempt to make sure their service and sacrifice is never forgotten or diminished.