Ken the Dauber Pridgeon


​Last summer, Remember our Heroes honored, Ken the Dauber Pridgeon, from Baytown with the first ever Russ Murphy Service Award. Ken was chosen for his tireless work and passion for painting portraits of fallen Texans in the Iraq / Afghan war. His goal at age 82 is to get all 600 plus done. He is working towards that number. He committed to painting all the fallen Lubbock heroes who died in the theater of war as well.

Wednesday after leaving MD Anderson, I took a short trip over to Baytown. Had lunch with Ken and dear friend, Tom Cottar, who introduced me to Ken originally. After lunch , Ken gave me a tour of his gallery as well as his home where he paints. It was totally unbelievable. He has paintings of Medal of Honor Heroes, paintings everywhere and his promise to do even more. He has not collected one dime for his portraits.

He has said,” I never made these plans…This is God’s plan.” He continued by saying, I always said that I was a poor man’s Norman Rockwell.” He has given selflessly every hour of his last few years to his cause of honoring our nation’s fallen soldiers. And yesterday, he was voted the Baytown Sun Citizens of the Year. Ken is a true patriot who has adopted every one of his fallen soldiers. He knows their story because he cares.

2 attachments above reflecting his portraits. I love the first attachment. Ken got to know the story of this soldier. As a young boy, he built a tree house. His dog was always with him. Noticed the boy and the dog at the bottom of the portrait. To learn more about Ken, watch the video of him below.

Texas Country Reporter video - click here

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